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Google Chrome Dev has implemented WebM Video

Friday, June 4th, 2010

For those who can’t wait to try out WebM HTML5 video, Google Chrome Dev channel has released a version that implemented WebM HTML5 video.

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TechCrunch has tried Google Chrome WebM on YouTube’s HTML5 beta, and you can read about it in TechCrunch.

Firefox Sync graduates from Mozilla Labs

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Mozilla has announced that Firefox Sync, previously known as Mozilla Weave Sync, has graduated from Mozilla Labs and will be incorporated into the upcoming major release. Meanwhile, Firefox Sync is available as a Firefox extension.

Firefox Sync syncs your browsing history, stored passwords, bookmarks and even open tabs across all your devices. This would allow you, for example to surf the net using a Sync-enabled Firebox browser on your work PC, rush home, and still see the same opened tabs on your home PC to continue with where you had left off. Firefox Sync works by automatically saving and retrieving your Firefox data, in encrypted form, to and from a Firefox Sync server. Note that you would need to register an account with Firefox Sync first.
Further information on Firefox Sync can be found on:

This brings to mind a similar product from Google: Bookmark Sync, which also syncs bookmarks across different devices. Like Firefox Sync, Chrome Bookmark Sync also works by saving and retrieving data to and from a server, in Chrome’s case, the data is stored into the user’s Google Docs. Incidentally, Chrome Bookmark Sync has allso recently graduated out of Beta.

I expect Google to respond with Bookmark Sync upgrades soon. Browser wars soon? ;)

Chrome for Mac and Linux graduates to “Stable” status

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Fyi, Google has announced that Chrome for Mac and Linux, which has been lagging behind their Windows version brother has finally shedded their “Beta” status and are officially “Stable”.

Features that come with this stable release include the ability to synchronise bookmarks as well as browser preferences — including themes, web content settings, preferred languages, etc, among multiple PCs. In addition, it’ll also incorporate HTML5 features such as Geolocation APIs, App Cache, web sockets, and file drag-and-drop.

In the same blog post, it was also mentioned that Google is currently working on integrating Adobe Flash 10.1 into Chrome, but it’s still in Beta testing, and thus it is not available yet in this stable release.